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Date: 4th November 2016
UNS N09925 Special Super Alloy Nickel Based Alloy Incoloy 925 Wire / Strip / Coil Strip / Sheet/ Bar/ Plate/ Pipe/ Tube/ Forging / Machined Parts / Welding Wire / Welding Strip
Alloy 925 (UNS N09925) is an age hardenable nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum, copper, titanium and aluminum, providing a combination of high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. The high nickel content also gives resistance to chloride ion stress-corrosion cracking It is used in the petroleum industry for applications such as gas well components, valves and tubing, as well as finding use in high-strength piping systems.Incoloy 925?Specifications:GradeUNSAlloy 925N09925Incoloy 925?chemical composition:Grade%NiCrFeMoCuTiAlMnSiNbCSAlloy 925Min4219.5bal2. 925?Mechanical properties(Minimum value at 20?)Tensile Strength ?b/MPaYield Strength ?p0.2/MPaElongation ?5 /%?650?300?30Incoloy 925?StandardsBarForgingSheet / StripPipeASTM B649ASTM B805ASTM B872ASTM B983Incoloy 925?Size Range Wire: Dia 0.08-12mm Bar: Dia1.0-300mm Strip(Coil): 0.2-20mm TCK x 10-300mm W Sheet: min.0.7mm TCK x 1200mm W max. Tube & Forging?& Machine Parts: customized Welding wire: 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,2.0mm,2.4mm,3.2mm,3.8mm,4.0mm etc Welding Strip: 0.4-0.7mm TCK x 25-60mm W
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